Best business gift giving

It is a tricky job for a business to find the right gift and give out at the right time. Although it is a necessity of marketing mix and corporate branded gifts giving is done every year, it is also very difficult to get it done as it need lots of considerations. You must consider a wide range of possibilities. achieving your goal is one thing and keeping your clients happy is another. You don’t want to offend someone or make them unhappy.

Best gifts
  • Office related : journals, stationary, and anything that they can use in the office or outside would be good gift as well as appropriate. They can always have this gift with them and it is a very good way of promoting your logo since It is useful and used by everyone.
  • Tickets to live entertainments: this is a very popular gift. A Lot of people enjoy different live entertainments such as concerts, sport matches and so on. After a little bit research of the people's interests you can come up with their preferable entertainment.
  • Liquor or wine : this is most people’s favorite gift. But you must consider that some people do not drink any alcohol. Except this group of people, liquor and wine are considered right corporate branded gifts.
  • Gift card : it is very common for corporations to give gift card and it is loved by everyone. You can choose from a wide range of activities and find the perfect gift card for your clients or employees. The only issue with gift card is that the price is written on it. Some people can misunderstand your intentions. But apart from that it's a great gift
  • Food items: so many companies give out chocolate or fruit baskets or other food items. You can find creative ways and presentation for the food item you would like to give out and that can be very interesting.

There are some gifts that you must never give out. Such as giving cash to someone. It doesn’t matter what intention you have it always looks like bribe. Do a little research and find the best gift for your client or employees. And always keep in your mind the true purpose of giving gifts